Come,  get a Free Ticket to Heaven...  all you have to do is believe in Him!

   We are a interdenominational Church, called of God to lay aside doctrine and denominational differences and come into the Unity of Faith, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.​ ​​
   Praise and Worship to a upbeat Country sound with a little Rock & Roll.   The lyrics have been changed to give all praise to God.  Music is a big part of the anointing that God placed on this ministry.
    Our purpose is to fulfill the great commission... spreading the Gospel to every creature, by preaching, teaching & demonstrating the word of God, through the laying on of hands, healing the sick, casting out devils... in Jesus name.  

 God bless you and Yours,
                                                                  Pastor Tom Crabb

Church Services

  1. Tuesday Service & P.M.
  2. Pastor Tom Crabb Pastor Susan Crabb
    Associate Pastor... Larry Burnett
  3. Women's Bible Study
    Judy Jeremiah Tuesday 5:45 P.M. Meet & Greet Class 6 P.M.
  4. Prayer Meeting
    Pastor Tom Thursday 5:30 P.M.
  5. Herbal Tea
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  6. Hot Chocolate
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