Pastor Tom  Crabb

 Our Family...
like most in the 50's faithfully went to Church, I was ten years old at the alter with hands lifted to the Lord when pools of oil began to form on my palms. A Prophetic word was spoken over my life that night that God was going to use me in a Healing Ministry. ​​​

    At thirteen, (because of a combination of circumstances, peer pressure and bad choices)  I stopped going to Church. A few years later, my friends and I started to party, first a little beer then on to the hard liquor & drugs! Little did I know where this road was going. (this could not happen to me, the Star Athlete, I had it all going for me!!) 

    Well twelve years of alcoholism, drug addiction, two divorces, twice in jail, beaten and left for dead and, many more miseries, I knew I was lost! Romans 11:29 says , The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable & I thank Him for that!! The devil tried to steal that anointing...   God said his word will not return to him void, He will accomplish what He has set forth. 
When I was twenty-five, God started to call me back. A great conviction came upon me,  I thought I had gone to far, done to much. How could he ever forgive me??? I knew all about judgmental wrath! I had never heard about His unconditional Love. 

    Just before my thirtieth birthday, Pastor Jon Bowers, came to see me. He talked to me about cleaning up my life and getting my heart right with God. Harshly I replied, "I liked getting drunk and raising hell" HIS reply changed my life forever, he simply said "Don't let that keep you out of heaven, Jesus loves you just the way you are." Those words pierced my heart!

   December 30, 1980, in a bar... drunk... the Holy Spirit came on me in such a way that I couldn't resist any longer, I went to my brother, Red Crabb's, home and asked him to pray for me. "Tom, he said, this is something you have to do for yourself, nobody can do this for you." So I knelt and ask Jesus to come in to my heart and be my Savior, instantly I was stone cold sober, my life changed in that instant.Though my sins were as scarlet... with his precious blood, he washed me as white as snow.  I have never touched drugs or alcohol again!!    "I GIVE HIM ALL THE GLORY, HONOR AND PRAISE"  

    In 1992 God called me to start a Cowboy Ministry, at first we were a part of the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys then we became "The Cowboy Church of Oregon Inc." It was a small group that met in various places without much success. Then in August of 1994 we started meeting at the Eugene Livestock Auction Barn, with many giving their hearts to Jesus, being baptized and many were healed.  Now we are meeting at Christ Center in Junction City, OR

            November 2006, I was blessed with a beautiful wife, Susan, who is sold out to Jesus!

December 16, 2007, we were blessed with a beautiful little girl "Natalie Rose" ​​​​
                                    "God is Good!"